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Canada Search Engine Optimization servicesThere is a reason Webnetave  includes Search Engine Optimization service with our web design packagesweb design packages. It has been said that “If you build it, they will come.” The truth is if you build a great website and optimize it for search engines THEN you will start to see results. And it is important to realize that it is not the number of visitors to your website that will decide the success of your website. The most important factor to your success online is that the visitors you receive are from your intended target markets! It is vitally important that your website becomes visible to your intended market place in Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines. This is where you will get the most targeted traffic to your website.

If you achieve good ranking results for relevant search terms in Google, Bing and Yahoo then most of the other search engines will rank you as such too with little extra effort. The SEO service Webnetave includes is focused on increasing what is called “Organic Traffic” through On Page SEO Techniques. That is, traffic that comes from a search engine, such as Google, Bing etc. Buyers looking for your type of products and services enter keywords related to the websites containing the content that they are looking to find. ON Page SEO that focuses on your text content and other factors can have a big impact.

Webnetave uses only White Hat SEO techniques (also referred to as Ethical SEO and meeting the search engine guidelines).

SEO Process: A Long Term Approach

“Regardless of what any SEO marketer tells you, it can take as long a 6-12 months to achieve solid measurable results from SEO efforts. ”

There are millions and millions of web pages that any given search engine must visit and index. It simply takes time for the SEO efforts to filter through the search engines and adjust website rankings for websites.

Webnetave does NOT use trickery to gain you viability in the search engines because of a current loop hole that a search engine algorithm has not yet closed. Instead Webnetave uses a long term approach that is based on following the search engine guidelines.

Search Engine Optimization Buyer Beware!

You must be careful when choosing an SEO provider as some SEO firms state that they “guarantee” you a specific page rank. The truth is only the search engine provider decides who will be placed in a specific ranking and they accomplish this by adjusting their engine algorithm rules on an ongoing basis.

In fact, google changes it’s algorithm over 600 times per year! So if a Search Engine Optimization firm finds a “loop hole” in the algorithm to help their customers get ranked highly and they get the customer ranked as they said, the customer is happy and pays the provider what is owed.

However, when the search engine finds out about the “loop hole” and corrects it in their algorithm (and they WILL!), that business has a big problem. Why? Because all websites that used that Black Hat SEO (unethical) tactic will suddenly find that their website is not only not visible for what they paid, but the search engine may even penalize the domain and it can be hard to come back from such an occurrence and regain visibility again.

Don’t be ripped off. There are lots of SEO firms out there and all they want to do is take as much money from customers as possible, knowing full well this is the truth. And chances are they do not manage your web services or website design and hosting – so they just move on to the next customer desperate to become visible online.

With over 20+ years experience in the web services industry you can be assured that Webnetave always has your best interest and success as the goal. A long term approach.

Search Engine Optimization Search: Extensive Keyword Researching and Competitive Analysis

Webnetave learns as much about your business and intended target markets. It starts with a competitive research on your most visible competitors. Next we generate keywords and keyword phrases that will help you achieve the best results.


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