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Building a website or redesigning a website for your business can be a large endeavor and Webnetave is here to help you at each step of the way. With many years experience let WebNetAve help to guide you and make sure that you receive the website that you expect while also helping you with both the technical aspects as well as the online marketing aspects to help your website be successful for your business.

You have questions, Webnetave has the answers to help you get started. Many are answered right here below. And if you have any other questions, just contact Webnetave.

Q: What is the cost for creating a website for my business?

WebNetAve uses the world standard Content Management System; WordPress. The cost involved may vary slightly based on your requirements and needs. Our website design package information can be found right here on our website.

Q: My business is very small. Should I have a website?

Absolutely. One thing about the Internet; it is a very level playing field. A small business can compete directly with anyone online. You just need a professionally designed website. When a visitor sees a website that can be clearly seen to be professionally designed they are more confident in your business and the services it provides. Also, a website allows you to provide service online to your current customer base as well as reach out to new markets.And let’s face the facts… your customers expect you to have an online presence.

Q: I think I need a redesign on my current website. Can you help me decide what I should do?

Yes! First Webnetave will learn about your business and goals. Your website can be redesigned graphically and search engine optimized to meet current design trends and to take advantage of current web technologies to help you expand your marketing reach. Webnetave designs websites that are created responsive and are viewable in Mobile devices, tablets and desktops. If you website is not responsive, then you definitely need a redesign. Your customers expect that your website is viewable on Desktops, Tablets and mobile devices. If not, you are missing out on many business opportunities.

Also, WebNetAve website services are based on the industry standard Content Management system: WordPress. One very nice nice feature building on this application is flexibility on the design aspect of your website. The next time you need a new design, your content can remain. The design can be changed without having to rebuild the site navigation and content! A really big bonus for future site design upgrades and more cost effective as well.

Webnetave can also work on search engine optimization and help you get found easier to your intended target markets online in the major search engines.

Q: Will I See How The Website Design Project Is Progressing?

Yes. Webnetave has an effective web design process that ensures that you are kept in control at all times. Working closely with you to build a website that meets and exceed your expectations is our goal. Also, as part of the signed project agreement, beyond the deposit, you pay only once certain stages are complete – not all up front.

Q: What are Webnetave payment methods for a Website Project?

Webnetave accepts Interact Online banking E-mail Transfers, MasterCard/Visa/Amex via Paypal (you do not need to have a PayPal account to pay us).

Q: Are there any hidden costs?

Not at all. For every website project Webnetave requires a signed website design agreement that lists all deliverables in a clear manner. No surprises!

Q: Will you meet with our business personally?

If your business is located in the London Ontario and surrounding regions Webnetave can meet with you at a mutually agreeable time. Due to the nature of a first personal meeting being mostly of a consulting nature, there may be a consulting fee if you require me to visit your place of business prior to a signed project contract.

That said, being an Internet service business, Webnetave can also manage everything via phone conferences, as well.

In other words, Webnetave can meet with you personally if you are local to the London Ontario region but everything can be handled via phone meetings and email as well because almost all work is visually presented to you online during a website project.

Either way, Webnetave wants to learn about your business and your goals so you can be best served for the long term!

Q: Do you require payment in full before creating a website for the business?

Absolutely not. For every project there is a signed agreement that sets out all deliverables as well as website project payments due at various stages of development. Most projects usually have a 50% deposit with the balance due paid at certain stages of development. For most Web Design Contracts, there is a 50% deposit, and 25% mid stage of project and 25% prior to the website launch date. If the contract has any monthly service fees, the monthly fees start once the website is launched. You are part of the creative process!

Q: How long will it take to create a website for my business?

This is determined on a number of factors. The scope of the project, current website project load and your needs. That said, the average website project is usually a 4-8 week endeavor. Larger websites may take longer. I can complete the project much sooner but as a business owner you also have daily tasks to complete that can cause delays in response to Webnetave inquiries as a project moves forward. Most delays are not on the Webnetave end but on the customers end. It is a normal part of the process – you have a business you are running after all. But if you figure on 4-6 weeks, it is a very good indicator being realistic. Can Webnetave have you new website faster than 4-6 weeks? Absolutely, if you respond to the communications promptly at each stage of development. This is because each stage must be approved before moving on to the next stage.

Q: Can I start with a 5 page website design package and add more pages/website areas later?

Absolutely. In fact, a website is not a static print ad at all. It is something that should be evolving and growing all the time to keep visitors coming back and to help increase search engine visibility.The Website Design Packages are utilizing the WordPress application and so, once the initial 5 web pages are completed, you are free to go and create as many more pages as you wish with point and click capability. Our maintenance plans also have options for us to fully manage your website for you if you like. It is a matter of how busy YOU are in running your daily business activities. Either option is available to you with WebNetAve. What ever helps you!

Q: Does Webnetave offer any discounts for non profit organizations?

Yes. 5% Discount.

Q: Once you complete the website design, who owns the website?

Once 100% of the signed agreement deliverables are completed and paid; you own the website. All I ask is that you retain the “website designed by” small text on the bottom of the website and that I can mention it as work I have designed. One stipulation of the signed agreement is that you may not resell the website design to other companies for a profit. Of course, if you sell your entire business to another that is fine but the stipulation would follow to the new owners.

The website we design are based on layout themes that are available for WordPress. We do not hold copyright or rights to the Theme layouts themselves as they are used by many websites. There are basically only so many different layouts that are acceptable to use with modern design trends and what search engines expect. We do the graphic design to make the websites branding as “your own”, but the underlying theme layout is something many businesses can use. Most websites are similar in design layout based on current trends in any case. And in fact, it is yet another positive aspect of using WordPress as the backbone of your website project. Implementing new designs can happen, without having to redo any content.

So, basically, it is your website and unique to your business. We just do not think it would be fair to sell our work as a template design to others, who should be paying us for our work.

Q: What will happen to my website if Webnetave went out of business?

That is actually a very good question. A question considered in the protection of WebNetAve clients. Again, one of the big advantages of using WordPress as the platform to build your website on is the flexibility of using such a industry standard application. First, WebNetAve does backup your website as part of our Website Maintenance plans. We also encourage our customers to make backups of their website content on a regular basis. WebNetAve will provide you information on how to do this. All WordPress applications are compatible with each other. With the content backup file, you can upload it to any other WordPress provider. It certainly gives you as peace of mind and WebNetAve as well. Webnetave does not try to “box you in” to using our service. On the contrary, the expectation is to earn your business to keep it.