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Don Gerrity Website Services Specialist in Canada

“As the owner of I want you to know what the Webnetave service is all about. is based in London, Ontario and serves all of Canada and the USA. In everything Webnetave does there is a different approach to serving your small business in the Canadian web services industry.  A more personal service backed by over 20 years of expert reliable website services. As a customer, you will get to know me as I get to know your business. I am very personable and focused on meeting and exceeding your expectations in every service provided. Honest advice that will always be in your best interest – not mine. That is my promise to you. Good solid advice to meet YOUR NEEDS and GOALS.” – Don Gerrity, Website Service Specialist

As A Small to Medium Sized Business, Consider…

You DO NOT Need The High Cost Of Corporate Web Services.


Most Corporate Design firms usually have large overhead because Corporations have specific needs and  Government regulations that must be followed regarding web operations. This translates into higher costs and that is passed to their customers. It is not a negative way of doing business but it is a specific market segment and it certainly does not fit well for small business owners as they have different needs and lower budget requirements as they seek to properly serve their customers online, which we know is expected by your customers. With Corporate Design houses their bread and butter is serving Corporate Enterprise level web services and that comes with a hefty price tag for a small business owner. Your business with them may even be seen as a lower priority.

Another consideration is what happens when you need to communicate as a small business?


With Corporate web firms it is very common that whenever you need to contact them for any service requests or support, you may be communicating with a different person that you do not know – each time you call. Or worse yet, they use outsourced call centers. In the Corporate world this is business as usual. Yet, this is not so for small to medium sized businesses who need to react to their customers and market changes in a quick manner.

I Want To Be Your Affordable Web Guy! And I Expect To Earn Your Trust In Everything that I Do.


+ I can offer you a single point of contact service for all your website design and web service needsat a cost that keeps money in your pocket, while not compromising on quality of products and website services.

+ One-On-One communication by phone, email and texting, 7 days per week is paramount to your small business website design and maintenance needs. Your SMB website needs can change quickly and you need to build a business relationship with a person you can trust. A person that looks to save you money but not compromise on quality. A person that knows you by name and that you know by name – with EVERY COMMUNICATION request.

You do not need the high cost of Corporate Design firms.


No. What you need is a ‘WEB GUY’, an Affordable Web Guy. A Web Guy that is a web services expert and knows you and your business! That is what is all about. Building Long term business relationships with Webnetave customers and this is accomplished by building trust and by working together.


In Everything I Do…It’s All About You!


WebNetAve is my approach to serving both the SMB marketplace with website design London Ontario and across Canada. Reliable Website Services with a personal touch.

I have served in both the SMB web services market place and in the Corporate web service website design segments. I see the gap in costs and service needs. This is how my services are unique. My focus is your small to medium sized business.

Why not contact Webnetave today and see how I can be Your Affordable Web Guy? There is No obligation and I offer Risk Free service! I want to earn your business and your trust in every service I offer.